Mind Spiders

Posted: February 5, 2011 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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Album – Mind Spiders

Artist – Mind Spiders

Purchased From – Dirtnap Records

Another great album from Dirtnap Records. I know it looks like I’m a gigantic fanboy of this label but they’ve been putting out a bunch of stuff I like lately. Not to mention, this is another spin off of one of their great bands, The Marked Men. At this point I will buy anything featuring members of that band.

The Mind Spiders are basically Mark Ryan from Marked Men. The songs a versatile in a Jay Reatard kind of way. Anything from pop garage punk to spooky 60’s rock. Most of the punker stuff being on side 1 and the spooky 60’s stuff being on side 2. I’ve only spun this thing through a couple of times but already I can tell it’s a fun and entertaining record. A lot of times solo projects end up being toss offs and boring but this record has plenty of creativity and great songs.

This pressing is the only color pressing of 200.

HERE is a link to a track.


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