27 – Try/Night tour 7″ Test Press

Posted: February 5, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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This one started with a bit of fanaticism. I’ve already made it known how much of a fan I am for the band 27 in a prior post.

It actually all started less than two years ago with my friend Marcus. A while back, he had posted on his blog about finding a copy of the 27 “Try”/”Night” tour 7” test press on eBay. He found it by pure chance and knowing that I’m also a huge fan of the band, made mention of that on his post. I had a slight Diva moment at his luck. I was in full search mode now. At the time I had a decent relationship with a few of the guys at Hydra Head and promptly sent emails out asking if anyone could help me track a copy down. At first there seemed to be some success but it turned out to be fickle as what I ended up receiving was he regular 7”. Still limited and hard to find but I was still let down. I gave up hope on finding the test press and just let it go.

Fast forward to mid-2010 and I had been corresponding with Aaron Turner of ISIS for some time about his new label, Sige, and some of the new releases he was going to be putting out. I casually asked him if by chance he happened to have any copies of the test press. Sure enough he said he did and would check first. Well. As you can now see, I have a copy of this elusive test press.

Opening the mailer when I received it was like that scene in Pulp Fiction when Vincent opened Marcellus Wallace’s briefcase and a golden glow radiated from it.

Yeah…it was that exciting and enthralling. It wasn’t necessarily a “white whale” of a record but still a tough find. But what has me more elated is that there is a story to go with it. I got this from Aaron Turner himself! And what’s amusing and conducive to all of this is that I emailed Marcus to brag…granted, he already has his copy so not much bragging to be done…but he mentioned something that rang very true:

“Getting that test is amazing. Not just an amazing result either, but an amazing story for the future. That’s the thing that a lot of kids who collect records don’t have. Stories. I mean, where the hell is the fun in being able to say ‘yeah, I have a Cave In test.. i bought it on eBay for $300′. Crap. But being able to say Aaron Turner sent it to you is a pretty amazing story.”

Couldn’t agree more. It seems that a lot of new record collectors nowadays think that getting the most expensive records or having the most variants means something. It’s the whole “he who has the most toys wins” mentality. Not every single record I own has a story. But the ones that do, their value is infinite to me even if the record itself is only worth $10. That’s what should be most important. That the record has a special meaning to you. And even better if there’s a story behind it.

Call me jaded and old…I do.

And Marcus still found a way to one-up me by getting the test press for the split that 27 did with Bug. Damnit Marcus!


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