ISIS – Oceanic 2xLP Reissue

Posted: January 24, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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There are certain bands out there whose entire vinyl output makes it at times nearly impossible to be a completist when collecting them. Pick most bands on the No Idea roster or even NOFX. If you’re looking to get every single piece of variant of vinyl releases, you need to be independently wealthy or have taken out a second and third mortgage on your home. For those of us not living with mom and dad of course.

I’m joking. Riiiiiiight.

ISIS is not far behind being one of those bands whose vinyl releases are very extensive and plenty of variants are available of. Some more rare than others and making an attempt to have a complete ISIS collection is close to impossible. Not to mention bordering on the insane.

That being the case then, you may as well institutionalize me. ASAP.

Back in October of 2010, the band announced via their blog that Oceanic would once again be available on vinyl. To be re-released/reissued/repressed/redone by Robotic Empire, the new edition of the album would be re-mastered and re-cut. You know, to make it sound better. Fast forward to January 8, 2011, and Robotic dropped the “pre-ordering” on us. Mind you, this was on a Saturday so needless to say it caught a lot of people by surprise including me. Was I really expected to be at a computer or obsessively checking my Twitter feed on my iPhone on a Saturday?!?!

In a nice write-up by RE to hype the re-release, they said:

“It’s no secret we’re big ISIS fans. Have been, still are, will be. Robotic Empire and  

ISIS have a lengthy history, but even after releasing four remix LPs, two 2xLP albums, one live 2xLP and a massive commemorative box set together, this release still carries serious weight. After being out of print for years, we’re proud to re-issue (our personal favorite) ISIS album, Oceanic, as a fine 2xLP release.

Showcasing a band at the height of a monumental transition, Oceanic was and is hailed by many fans as ISIS‘ landmark album, simultaneously earning widespread critical acclaim. Raising the massive bridge between crushing metal and atmospheric post-rock, ISIS truly came into their own sound on this brilliant sophomore album. Now housed in a heavyweight “tip-on” style gatefold jacket, Oceanic has been carefully re-mastered and re-cut for optimal sound quality.

We are absolutely thrilled to be reissuing this double LP, even despite the band’s somewhat recent breakup. Regardless, this album stands the test of time and we’re honored to present it to you.”

(Borrowed this pic from Robotic)

RE pressed the 2xLP on a total of 2,000 copies. Color and pressing breakdown as follows:

100 on Seaweed (translucent green w/ black streaks)
200 on Gyre (opaque olive)
300 on Brine (swamp green/clear swirl)
1400 on Black

Since I was too slow on the announcement…on a Saturday…really RE?!?!…I missed out on the Seaweed color. I managed to snag the Gyre and Brine. Passed on the Black. Why? Who the f**k knows.

I have to say that this reissue is over the top. From the colors chosen which fit the artwork very well to the sleeves and jackets, it’s evident that a lot of attention was paid to the smallest detail.

Here’s the Brine color which in my opinion is the best of all colors.

And the Gyre one…

During the pre-ordering RE also had a shirt that was originally done for a Japan tour in support of Oceanic. “Absolutely related to this is the uncovering of an ollld ISIS t-shirt design from their archives. Printed in minimal numbers for a Japanese tour many many moons ago, this Oceanic-specific shirt is finally available again (and stateside).”

I picked it up of course since I don’t have any ISIS shirts. Gasp! The horror!

Overall, Robotic Empire did a fantastic job with this. Great packaging, great sound on this re-master (after cleaning the vinyl surface a bit though), and just great period. Copies are still available on Gyre and Black vinyl on Robotic’s webstore. So get crackin’.

And oh yeah…if anyone happened to get the Seaweed color and have changed their mind on it and would like to trade or sell, get at me:

  1. Jens says:

    Yeah, mine were pretty dirty also, what is up with that?

    I ordered 1 gyre and 1 brine, split up the sets (so that each had one of each color), and gave one 2xlp to a friend. I’ve been into doing that lately; I did the same thing with the Kylesa Spiral Shadow purple/green 2xlps. Kinda throws the completeist thing out the window.

  2. Shawn says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of records that were pressed by Pirates Press have a lot of dirt/sand/junk on them at first. Not sure why, but I’ve noticed it most with their pressings above any other plant.

  3. AlexLacayo says:

    duders this is an awesome pressing. a little dirty, but nothing the AQ anti-static record brush can’t handle. thanks for this one RE. seaweed is sicko:

  4. peter says:

    Please someone sell me the Oceanic Vinyl.

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