Oakeater / Mamiffer split 12″

Posted: January 22, 2011 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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When I heard that Mamiffer was putting out new material via a split with Oakeater, I jumped at the chance. I already had the split cassette box set they had both done, so why not another on vinyl? Of course!

I initially got hooked on Mamiffer thanks to Everlovely Lightningheart. I had picked up EL‘s Sien Weal Tallion Rue 2xLP from Hydra Head simply because it was on the label and it sounded interesting. I dug around more info about the group and as time passed they disbanded. One of the EL members, Faith Coloccia, started Mamiffer some time later. I think. I could have my info completely wrong. But what’s important is that I receive a promo CD of Mamiffer‘s Hirror Enniffer in one of many orders I placed with Hydra Head. I must’ve listened to that CD everyday for weeks on end. Yeah, it’s that good.

What does Mamiffer sound like? Imagine taking My Bloody Valentine‘s feedback-drenched guitars and noise and marrying them to piano-driven somber music. That may get you close to what Mamiffer sounds like. But so much better and emotional. Since the promo CD was pretty plain, I had no idea who else was in the band. But I later found out that Aaron Turner of ISIS was also on that recording. My mind = blown!

Oakeater are much more ambient. Their sound is very subtle and layered. A bit harder to describe really.

The split LP was put out by SIGE Records which happens to be the label started by Faith and Aaron. They are very DIY in that all aspects of the release are very hands on and  crafted. The covers are screenprinted. The labels are hand-stamped.

Total press run for this split is 300. 50 on black and 250 on grey. All are hand-numbered on the outside of sleeve.

What has me most excited about this split is that not only are the songs on it great, but it’s a start for a very busy release output from Mamiffer. Lately I have been listening to less hardcore and metal and venturing into other genres. So this is a great fit for that new inclination.

The split is still available via SIGE’s webstore. It looks like the black vinyl is gone as there is no color option listed. But get it nonetheless if you’re into it.

  1. Jens says:

    Vacation Vinyl still has this release available on black vinyl, for now.

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