Posted: January 16, 2011 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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Album – Cable

Artist – Gutter Queen

Purchased From – Real Tomato Ketchup

So I got this off of Real Tomato Ketchup, HydraHead‘s new site where they sell damaged and clearance shit. In this case I got a real nice copy of CableGutter Queen for $5. The album actually arrived in way good enough condition. It was listed as having a dinged cover and there is no knowing what that may look like. In the end this copy only had a few scuffs. It is red clear vinyl. I don’t know what pressing this is but It’s always been one of my favorites. This record in easily in the top 5 things HydraHead has ever put out for me.

Cable always seemed to be one of those kind of bands that you 100% believe every aspect of their music. It’s the kind of music that instantly transports you to their world. You feel as you are as fucked up as the music reflects. Not to mention these guys were doing this before a lot of bands started to catch on and copy. Someone once asked me to describe Cable and I said that they were a combination of doomy metal and Hoover-like DC guitar screaming. I think I’m still going to stick with that. I hope in the evolution of the next punk kids this band isn’t one that gets left in the past. One of the best LP covers also. This record is required shit fuckers.

This shit is genius. This trailer nearly sums it up for me. Real band with real problems.
I love the Dillinger story.

  1. Juan D. says:

    I was actually listening to this today…great stuff…great band.

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