This year wasn’t quite the dog fight it has been in years past.

Anyway, here’s my list for 2010.

1. DaughtersDaughters

It’s rare that I rate a metal album #1, in fact I think I’ve only done it once (Torche).

This album blew me away from my first play and I still keep playing and playing it.

2. Ryan Adams & The CardinalsIII / IV

I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time.

It took me a couple spins to realize how brilliant this record is but I love it.

3. Torche Songs For Singles

When I first heard this record I was so underwhelmed I thought it might sink to the back of my collection

but after catching a mean buzz I figured out what this album is all about. Great tunes.

4. Dan SartainLives

Dan sartain is awesome. I love his blend of 60’s rock and country.

This is a fantastic album and hopefully someone will press it on vinyl (I’m looking at you Third Man)

5. Best Coast Crazy for you

I was waiting for this album to drop after scoring the 7″s. Great garagy surfer rock.

6. MGMTCongratulations

A lot of people were bummed out on this record because it didn’t sound like the first record.

I love the sound of this album. My only problem is with the quality of the album as a complete work.

It’s still a great album but not the #1 that their first record was to me.

7. Bad ReligionThe Dissent Of Man

Another fantastic album from Bad Religion. They just contine to grow musicaly.

8. Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot the Son of Chico Dusty

I’m a huge Outkast fan and this record is nearly as good as an Outkast album.

The Yelawolf rhymes are sick too.

9. Ty SegallMelted

This record is super rad. Its like garage rock with an edge. There is a song on here that sound sooo much like the Beatles.

10. White Wires WW II

Great band , Great album.

Honorable Mentions:

KnoDeath Is Silent

The RootsHow I got over

Sage Francis Li(f)e

ElighGrey Crow

Black MountainWilderness Heart

Single of the Year:

The Mean JeansTears in my Beers

One of the best 45’s ever.


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