Modern Hell

Posted: December 23, 2010 by They Still Press Vinyl in Random, Record Nerds
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Since I started this blog on Tumblr (and by later adding a Twitter feed) I’ve had the opportunity to make some e-friends/acquaintances that, aside from being awesome people, will sometimes send me records. We’re talking about DIY labels and bands so a lot of times they need all the pub they can get and I’m pretty much always willing to oblige. Whether they’re punk, hardcore, metal, rock and roll, alt country, electronica…doesn’t matter. This update qualifies as one of those cases.

Modern Hell is, by their own description, a “hardcore/punk/metal” band out of the Nashville, TN area. Their singer, Alex, has been following the blog and the blog twitter feed for a while now. He contacted me not to long ago about sending me a copy of their upcoming self released 7″ – “Cult Hazing” – and asked for my address.

Right off the bat, this package wins because they put some creativity into their mailers;

Nice change from the army of plain, brown or white mailers that people use. Anyway, I open the package and find two copies of ‘Cult Hazing’

The first thing that jumps out at me is the depth and detail put into this package. Hand screen printed and completely DIY (you can see some of the ‘in progress’ pics of the process of creating these on the bands Tumblr page) you really have to hand it to the Modern Hell gang; they’re going all out to catch people’s attention with this release.

As for the records themselves, they come in opaque yellow (200 pressed) and classic black (100 pressed);

All in all a great amount of work was put into this, but how’s the music? Isn’t that what matters most??  While I might not listen to a lot of this particular style and genre anymore I do like to break out some of it on occasion. Modern Hell (and especially this album) will be making it into my normal iPod rotation without a doubt. Yeah, I’m partial to people who send me stuff for free but even considering that these guys do what they do really well and if you’re even remotely into modern hardcore you really need to check them out.

As an added bonus, Alex sent me a hand assembled and limited edition version of their “Dead Art” CDEP

  1. Nick says:

    Bad ass! Send me one of those records.

  2. Nick_J says:


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