Posted: December 20, 2010 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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Album – The Shape of Punk To Come

Artist – Refused

Purchased From – Trade

Hands down one of the best punk, hardcore, rock albums of the last 20 years (if not of all time) I was pretty stoked when Epitaph announced they were releasing an expanded vinyl edition with bonus tracks and all kinds of goodies. But, for some reason, I never actually got around to buying a copy. Recently, the chance came up to swing a trade for a copy on the Vinyl Collective boards so I jumped at it. Glad I did, this is an excellent looking album that is almost as awesome as the music etched into that vinyl.


  1. Craigos says:

    As much as it sounds better on this version, I was really dissapointed that the Live record wasn’t the second LP…

  2. Damo says:

    Was hoping for more pics of the inside and extras n stuff. This album kills! I havent bought this vinyl edition yet. It comes with the DVD doesnt it?

  3. Nick_J says:

    Uhm lazy!

  4. Eressea says:

    I bought mine as soon as epitaph made it available 🙂
    unfortunately the mailman left it on my doorstep in the hot sun
    and slightly warped mine…
    Love this record to death though

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