Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

Posted: December 13, 2010 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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Album – III/IV

Artist – Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

Purchased From – PaxAm

I can hardly do this record justice, mainly due to the fact that it has a long back story and I’m way too lazy to write it all up. Long story short is that this records represents songs that came from around the time of Easy Tiger. I saw Ryan Adams & The Cardinals during this period of time and they were fucking amazing. Ryan was in brilliant form and though it was the only time I saw them I couldn’t imagine a band being better than that.

Ryan’s website says…“In 2007 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals entered Electric LandyLady studios on 8th street in NYC and went in for a session intended to last two weeks. Six months and over 60 tracks later, they emerged with the album Easy Tiger”. “Originally hidden away in the vault while the band hit the road to support Easy Tiger, and now for the first time here in its entirety is the Cardinals second double-album concept rock opera about the 80’s, ninjas, cigarettes, sex, and pizza“. Seriously, that sums it up.

I laugh in the face of anyone who has ever criticized Ryan Adams. He’s a rock n roll machine and coming from a person who grew up with same influences as the man his self, I relate to his music better than most anyone making tunes today. This record is just another representation of his capacity to pump out great music and defy genre at every turn.

The packaging is further proof that Ryan is a bit obsessed with the vinyl format and all the bells and whistles that go along with it. My photos aren’t really doing the double LP justice do to the sheer volume of the components that are in the damn thing. I had to cut some corners in the photos of the liner notes or we would have had like 15 photos.  The records are amazing blue smoke and burgundy smoke clear vinyl. I wish I could pick up more of the contrast in the photo so you could see how sweet the smoke looks. The album comes with download cards with tons of demo stuff thrown in and a download of the album. This is probably my favorite Ryan Adams packaging so far, though PaxAm has dropped nothing but bad ass records so far with Orion also earlier this year.

This album may have set a record for the fastest from my mailbox to my turntable. I’ve played both discs several times. I’ve really only managed to digest III so far and I’m in love with it. This is a Ryan Adams form that I appreciate most. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything that Ryan produces, but the more like Love is Hell and Rock N Roll it is, the more I love it.

I’d love to know how many of the PaxAm plans on producing. I hope they do a limited first run and a standard edition like they did with Orion.

  1. Eressea says:

    So sweet and it looks amazing!
    Just want to let you know that i’ve been following you guys since you were on tumblr
    and there were quite a few posts about Ryan Adams so I ended up checking out his stuff. Now he’s one of my favorite musicians, so a big thank you for that 🙂

  2. Nick_J says:

    Awesome man! It is great to hear we actually spread the word of such a great musician. Josh from the blog is who turned me onto RA in the first place. His constantly talking about Whiskeytown finally wore me down. At that point I’d only heard NY,NY and hated it so I was a tough sell. At that time RnR came out and I fell in love with that album. The awesome thng about Ryan is that he has a zillion songs so you’re always discovering something new.

  3. Another happy customer served.

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