The White Wires

Posted: December 9, 2010 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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Album – The White Wires

Artist – WW II

Purchased From – Green Noise Records

Dirtnap is quickly becoming a go to label for me. Just about every new release is from a band that just rocks my socks. Canada’s White Wires are no exception. I first caught on to this band last year when I heard their debut self titled album. That record was sensational and I guess it caught the eye of Dirtnap because they snatched the band up and put out this sweet 2nd album WW II.

If you like pop, garage, punk, White Wires do it as good as anyone. I’m not going to sit here and pigeonhole the bands sound, it’s just good bare bones punk music that has that bubblegum pop sensibility. The key thing here is that White Wires aren’t boring. Fucking crucial! Many bands that exist in the punk or garage spectrum fall flat because they know how to copy but don’t know how to make it their own, White Wires do not have that problem.This records is a bolt of energy.

I got this album from Green Noise Records and I’m pretty sure this white vinyl is limited to 200. I love the packaging/design. Also a 45 rpm 12″.

Here is a link to the song Be True To Your School (’Til You Get Kicked Out).


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