Posted: December 4, 2010 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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With the arrival of the Self Tiled Torche LP today I now have all (1st presses) of Torche’s releases. I have low press numbers for Meanderthal, In Return and Songs for Singles. Torche were one of those bands that I discovered and not a soul I knew were listening to them. I felt obliged to run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to get everyone to listen to them. They are to this day one of my favorite bands and I worship their Self Titled LP.Solid score and a great price on eBay. I asked Andy (Robotic Empire) if they would ever repress the original mix and he said NO. He said that the band didn’t like the original mix (crazy as fuck). I can’t even listen to the new mix. I was sent off to eBay and scored my holy grail…..Torche s/t LP 1st press.

Anyone else hate the Meanderthal packaging?

  1. Maciek says:

    In a matter of packaging, the last record sucks soo bad 😦 I’d be ok with it, if the envelope was a little bit thicker.

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  3. Bortx says:

    You miss healer / across the shields 12″ single. I own it in clear purple.

    • Nick_J says:

      You’re not the first to mention this. I think that release is a plain out waste of money. If it was a 7″ I would own it.

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