Big Boi

Posted: November 25, 2010 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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Album – The Son Of Dusty Chico

Artist – Big Boi

Purchased From – Hot Topic (why am I giving these bozos any credit)

I want to first start by saying that I think Outkast were one of the best rap groups in the history of hip hop.  I love that band and I have a strong sentimental attachment to that group. That said, I was not a big fan of Speakerboxxx, Big Boi’s first attempt at working solo. It wasn’t bad , it just wasn’t up to the standards of Outkast. This records on the other hand is fantastic. Other than the occasional of crappy guest or lame hook, this albums smokes.

Thus far I would rate this as the best rap record I’ve heard this year. The one other thing that might be close to that top spot is the new Eligh album called GreyCrow. Also a fantastic album with amazing beats and rhymes. Anyway, back on subject, Big Boi hit a home run. This records is the shit and my girlfriend says that it’s better than most Outkast albums. Though I can’t quite go that far, the girl knows her music.

I really don’t like the alternative art work but I am a massive fan of the sweet white vinyl.


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