Jay Reatard

Posted: November 19, 2010 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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Album – Watch Me Fall

Artist – Jay Reatard

Purchased From – Amazon/CDnow

This post is about a year too late and I know I’m super not cool for posting something so painfully dated but hey, fuck you. Anyway, this record was the record last year that blew me away and probably deserves to be in some kind of punk rock hall of fame because it is a pure classic. It’s a fucking shame that Jay Reatard had to croak and not continue making mind blowing music like this album. I’m sure that were he to have stuck around he would have surely gone down as one of the best of all time if he continued on the musical path he was on.

I’ve never really seen someone so adept at creating music that is both completely garagy and completely accessible to a larger audience. These songs are gems and the fact that dude just sat around and recorded everything his self is a feat in its own. And though he would probably puke to hear me say this, I think Jay Reatard was kind of like a punk Jimi Hendrix in his death and what came after it. It is pretty sad that  Jay Reatard’s seemed to have discovered his peak sound at the very end.

I was kind of late in the game discovering Jay Reatard. Mostly because he was talked about on Buddyhead.com a lot back when all they talked about was singer songwriters and I wasn’t even remotely interested in that shit during the period they were talking about him. It’s quite the shame because his brand if punk is right up my alley and I would have been buying all his stuff before it went crazy on eBay.

I got a pretty sweet amazon gift certificate for my birthday so I picked this up on vinyl. The album, like a couple of the others I ordered was surprisingly on 180 gram vinyl so it sounds like a dream. If you don’t have this record and you like punk you are sorely missing out.

Sorry I left the plastic on but I do that with some records.


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