Coalesce – Functioning on Impatience LP 10-Year Anniversary Pressing

Posted: November 14, 2010 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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Whenever a label represses a release for any sort of anniversary it can be hit-or-miss. Ideally it would make sense that something special is done to celebrate the release with different packaging to make it stand out or additional tracks or any other added bonus items.

Originally released in 1998, Coalesce’s Functioning on Impatience has long been considered one the band’s most stand-out album. When it came time to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, Second Nature Recordings went with the more special and unique packaging option. The record has already gone through its fare share of pressings but for this anniversary edition released in 2008, the record was packaged in screenprinted and diecut covers. This allowed for the original artwork of the skeletal sternum to be brought more to life and detail.

 Functioning on Impatience 10YRLTD was pressed in multiple colors.

Translucent Red w/ Black & Silver Splatter out of 268

 Clear w/ White/Translucent Red Speckle out of 268

Translucent Blue/Opaque Orange Splatter out of 268. This was the band’s exclusive color and only available via Blue Collar Distro at the time.

White/Silver Color in Color out of 268

Black 180gram out of 218. The covers were done differently than the rest with a black color to match the vinyl color. It stands out from the rest for sure.

Not much more really needs to be said about this record. It solidified Coalesce’s place in aggressive music and there is not quite like it. Each time I play this album I get reassured that hardcore will always be performed in the capable hands of Coalesce. Anyone trying to argue otherwise that would be gravely mistaken.


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