Posted: November 11, 2010 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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Album – You are freaking me out

Artist – Samiam

Purchased From – eBay

Plain and simple, this is one of my favorite albums ever. I remember being totally underwhelmed when I first heard Samiam and like two months later they had become one of my favorite bands. They were part of the three S‘s that I discovered all at the same time; Samiam, Seaweed and Sunny Day Real Estate. All of those bands continue to be of my favorite all time groups. I originally remember buying this CD years ago at some chain record store. They had a couple posters and I managed to bum one off of one of the clerks and that thing has hung on my fridge since then….crazy shit. This is a four disc 7″ box set that I bought on eBay. I swear I’d trade it for a 12″ any day though. It sucks having to turn four sides to listen to a full length. This set is limited to 2000 and hand numbered. One of the best punk albums of all time for sure.

Here is one of my favorite songs off of this album, though there isn’t a bad song on the damn thing.

  1. Evan says:

    AAAAUUURRRGGGHHH!!! I want that so bad. Brilliant album.

  2. Craigos says:

    I found a couple copies on the 4 x 7 inch boxset, but I agree, having to turn it over after a song would piss me off, especially as you don’t need to skip any songs on this record.

    I managed to score a copy on eBay for $60+, but I am so happy to own it!

    Good stuff brother!

  3. Nick_J says:

    It’s funny to hear positive feedback about Samiam because outside of one friend I knew in high school, Ive never been friends with anyone who liked this band.

  4. Chris Morin says:

    I have the LP, but I think the box set is kind of cool looking. Doubt I’d want to trade though 😉

  5. Nick_J says:

    I guess I bought the box as more of a collectible than something I will get a lot of use out of. I will continue listening to it on itunes till I get the LP.

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