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Album – Lost 7″ ep

Artist – Encounter

Purchased From – Wizard Records (Morgantown, WV) circa 1992

I hate to bust one like this out of the closet but this was one of the first 7″s I ever bought and I had to show it off. I really don’t know much about this band at all. I know that there was a lot of Hardcore floating around in 1992 and this was the kind of thing you just stumbled onto. I went into the record store back in the day and the guy said they got a couple Hardcore 7″s in and I was all over it. Strangely this record ended up being fantastic. I remember this being one of those things that was listened to a lot by myself and my friends back then.

I’m pretty sure that this record filtered onto Morgantown trough Junction since  Junction played in Morgantown a lot and they were on the same label.  Pleading vocals over prototypical early 90’s HC. I’m sure this record is nearly impossible to get a hold of at this point but hopefully one of the members of  the band may stumble on this blog and get a kick out of it. I think one of these guys went on to Flagman but don’t quote me on that. I also snooped around Redemption Records website (who put out this record) and noticed that they plan on putting out a comp of their first four releases, so maybe we will see this at least on CD soon.

Redemption Records website only had this to say about the record:

“Collector’s info: This record was first available as a cassingle, then the 7” and CD ep were released. The cassingle was pressed so there was something for the band to sell on their European tour with The Crivits. The 7” was available on black and a gray and white swirl. The swirls were a smaller run”.

  1. Mike says:

    Man, I bought this when it was released and I love Encounter to this day. I just found some unreleased songs on the band’s myspace page and had to rip them to mp3 so that I could get them in constant rotation in my ipod. So good.

  2. I found this EP in a bookstore in Boston in like 2000, that had a small selection of vinyl. I was huge into emo at the time, so the cover art did it for me. It remains one of my favorite EPs ever. This record to me is like a post Judge, pre-90s emo hybrid that is simply untouchable. I’ve been able to find copies on black and grey swirl like you’ve mentioned, but the first one I had was purple swirl (probably leftover from whatever was pressed before).

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