Most Precious Blood – Merciless LP

Posted: November 6, 2010 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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The first time I Heard Most Precious Blood

I don’t even know when or why I listened to them. Maybe it traces back to the time I got a copy of the Shai Hulud / Indecision The Fall Of Every Man split when it first came out in 1998. I liked the Indecision side of the split but didn’t really seek out any of their other releases.

Fast forward a few years later and at that point Indecision was no more and some of the members continued in hardcore with Most Precious Blood. Maybe I took notice of MPB when I heard their cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like A Hole”. Being a huge NIN fan, this version not only caught me off guard (and loved!) but also got me curious to check out what MPB was all about. This led to Our Lady of Annihilation released in 2003 by Trustkill Records. This was their second album and first with vocalist Rob Fusco, formerly of One King Down. Deathwish Inc. handled the vinyl release of Our Lady… and did a great job of it.

Merciless was released in 2005 via Trustkill again but no vinyl release was planned or even announced. Of course this bummed out vinyl nerds aplenty. Well, fear not as a small upstart label, Bitter Melody Records, announced in early 2010 that they had secured the rights and would be pressing Merciless on vinyl.

Pre-orders came and went and the album arrived in hardcore nerds’ hands in April. The release was definitely a great start Bitter Melody and with the popularity of Most Precious Blood in the hardcore circles it was a homerun.

The pressing for Merciless was broken down to three colors:

Clear Pinkish Marble hand-numbered out of 36. This also has a special vellum cover with MPB cut-out and sprayed with “blood”.

Clear out 104 hand-numbered copies.

White out of a total of 350

The covers are the full-on gruesome image of the corpse that was initially covered in a bloody sheet on the CD version. The corpse pic was on the inside of the CD booklet.

There are also test presses that were done each with a unique blood-spattered body bag. There is a total of 15 test presses each with their unique packaging. They’re in the same vellum cover as the /36 ones but instead of hand-numbered they’re marked as “test press”

While I was photographing the records for this entry, I noticed that one of the clear pinkish copies…I have two…or rather, HAD two since now I have one record and one fancy coaster…became a casualty of something.

I have zero clue as to how this happened. Whatever did the damage, it went into it hard enough that left a dent in the vellum cover, the jacket, and caused the cracking as such. I am heartbroken and upset…at what or who I can’t say though. I’ll chalk it up to the universe karmically bitch-slapping me once again.


Here is hoping that Most Precious Blood’s long-rumored new album, Do Not Resuscitate, will finally make it to be released in 2010. If Bullet Tooth (MPB’s new label) doesn’t handle the vinyl, I hope that Bitter Melody does.


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