Music Hall USB 1 Turntable

Posted: November 4, 2010 by Nick_J in Random

I’m pretty psyched to finally be scoring a usb turntable. Ive always been a fan of Music Hall turntables so when I found out that they had an affordable usb turntable I started scheming a way to try and score one. I saved up a bit of cash and finally got it for the low price of $261. They call this player “low end” but it seems pretty solid to me. That said, the cartridge is one of those Audio Technica so it will have to go right away. Out of the box it really sounds like dirt. I think I’ll get a Grado cartridge as they have always been good for me. This thing looks like a Techniques SL1200 but has a belt drive and I’m sure is friggin accurate as hell even though it has a pitch adjust.

The one thing I’m a little worried about is the software that came with it. I hate it, sounds pretty crappy in the playback, and there is no adjust or EQ. I have nice Bose speakers on my computer and there is no reason this shouldn’t sound better than it does. If anyone knows a good software it would be greatly appreciated.

The first records I put on it was a the first 7″ from an amazing bad called Donora from State College, PA. The were around in the early 90’s and I saw them a few times in Morgantown, WV with Lincoln and by themselves on some random weekday. Incredible band! They were strange and amazing in that they were mathrock but they were also droning almost metal rock.  Their drummer went on to Glendale, Kerosene 545 and Channels.

  1. Robin says:

    Nice table, I was looking at one of these too. Worth the investment I guees?

  2. Nick_J says:

    I’m still feeling it out. I haven’t converted anything yet and from what I’ve gathered from the software, that’s pretty much what these things are for almost exclusively.

  3. jbailes says:

    Once you get some time with the thing I would love to hear your followup thoughts both for playing records and ripping albums.

  4. Nick_J says:

    Ok, ripping is easy and works fairly well. I still haven’t gotten into the tweaking of things I’ve recorded which is an advantage of the software, but I’m satisfied with the recordings it makes. You do have to adjust your gain not only on your software but more importantly on your computers mic gain. As far as buying this record player to play records through your computer….don’t! It sounds like total shit. i went ahead and bought a receiver and a pair of speaker that I sat on my desk so the turntable is multifunctional.

  5. jbailes says:

    Thnx so much for the insight I was thinking about it for pulling double duty !

    I wanted a usb turntable I would not be embarrased to plug into an entry level low budget hybrid amplifier so I could listen to all this rockabilly country stuff from my grandfather.

    From your post I am assuming it does just fine through your receiver?

  6. Nick_J says:

    Sounds great through a receiver.

  7. […] Posted: February 20, 2011 by Nick_J in Random 0 I hated the stock cartridge that came with my Music Hall USB 1 Turntable and after a few months I started noticing some distortion on acoustic recordings. I’d been […]

  8. Nick_J says:

    I’ve only ever had the Green but I ended up with an Ortofon on this.

  9. Corinne Lee says:

    Hi everyone, I just bought a Music Hall USB1 so that I could play and concert my old LPs to digital. Had a helluva time hooking the table up to play through the tv home theatre, as it did not work. So instead plugged it into my old receiver and speaker set and it sounds great. Powerful and punchy. However, trying to use the enclosed Audacity software and download it into my MacBook Pro in order to use it to digitize music has been impossible. Software is not user-friendly, and I can’t get beyond the preferences import sound bits part. Can anyone help me? The sales reps in all the retail shops I called are totally useless. And the package contains no instructions for the software. So I cannot just have a usb turntable if I cannot get it to digitize my old records…HELP!!!! (as the Beatles would plead). Any suggestions would be much appreciated

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