Phantom Glue – Self-Titled LP

Posted: October 22, 2010 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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Ask anyone who knows me in the record collecting nerd world who my favorite band is and chances are they’ll say Converge, ISIS, Minus the Bear, or 27. When a recent distro update came out from Robotic Empire, they mentioned having stock of a new record: “the new Phantom Glue which features members of the band 27. Check it out!” Needless to say that got my attention right away.

A new band featuring members of 27?!?!

27 being one of my favoritest bands?!?!

Yes please!

I immediately scoured the internet for more info on Phantom Glue and ended up at the band’s Facebook page. Terri Christopher of 27 plays drums for the band. Not only is she a great drummer but also a very sweet individual and person as I got to find out when I met her and the rest of 27 at the Florida shows they played opening for Minus the Bear about two years ago. Or was it three? Getting to meet and hang out with Terri, her sister Maria, and Ayal Naor (the rest of 27) and seeing how awesome they are solidified by fanaticism and respect for the band and their music. And yes…I am gushing big time…I’m such a fanboy!

But back to Phantom Glue. The band is rounded out by Matt Oates (The Huguenots) on guitars and vocals, Nicholas Wolf (The Proselyte) on bass and vocals, and Mike Gowell (Hydronaut) on guitars. All bands out of Boston, MA. Phantom Glue is much more than the sum of all its parts. The sound is outright sludgy and dense. I couldn’t even to try and pick apart what sound each member brings from their respective band simply because this is something completely new. If you’re a fan of sludgy and doom-y metal this is your cup of tea. I know it is definitely mine.

Here we have their debut self-titled LP. It was recorded with Kurt Ballou at his Godcity Studio and released by Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records based in Boston, MA. Kurt we know as being the guitarist for Converge. If that’s not another selling point for me I don’t know what is!  

The album was pressed in two vinyl colors:

Transparent Green w/ White Splatter pressed out of 100. It was only available through the band and the label’s online store.


Transparent Red w/ White Splatter out of 400. This is still available through the label’s online store and other distros like Robotic Empire.

 I was immediately hooked on Phantom Glue even though I had not heard a single song. After contacting the band and exchanging emails with Nicholas Wolf, I was able to get my hands on the two colors and finally listen to the record. I was not disappointed at all! I had no real expectations on what they were going to sound like because I refused to listen to any streams online. I wanted to wait until I got the record to listen to it and fully immerse myself in the music. So glad that I did. This is right up there as one of the best releases of this year. It goes to show the power of being fan of one band and then checking out any other groups & projects any one member of that band does.

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  2. marcus says:

    I’d never heard of this, so thanks for drawing it to my attention!

  3. Nick says:

    My copy should be here any day now! Can’t wait to hear it.

  4. Juan D. says:

    I haven’t stopped listening to this since the day I received it. So damn good!

  5. Gonna have to order this one as soon as I have the extra cash.

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