Posted: October 15, 2010 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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Album –Orphan Works

Artist – Samiam

Purchased From – No Idea Records

There have been many a long night where Samiam got me through. Actually I can remember a few where I was sloppy drunk, listening to their records, and crying like a little girl. Samiam are another one of those bands that’s beyond important to me. I think Samiam may be the first punk band I remember having the level of emotion that they had.  My favorite records have always been Soar, Clumsy and You Are Freaking Me Out. Orphan Works is a compilation culled from live, studio outtakes and rarities. The best part is that the songs all come from the Clumsy and You Are Freaking Me Out era, which most fans consider their two classic albums. I remember specifically playing You Are Freaking Me Out to the point of annoying people around me when it came out.

From what I understand, No Idea Records made 300 of these available for mail order only. This particular one got a rough ride from the post office. It seems any time I get records sent from Florida they get bent corners. This album has really cool looking vinyl and the gate fold jacket is brilliant. It’s really neat to see Samiam end up on a superior label like No Idea after years of bumping around on other indies and a major label appearance for Clumsy. If you aren’t a fan of Samiam I would totally suggest you get the two albums featured on this set. They are punk classics.

  1. Eressea says:

    wow this looks amazing!

  2. Nick_J says:

    It actually has this glossy texture to it that you can see in the first pic at the bottom of the record. Beautiful.

  3. Craigos says:

    I ordered one from the UK as they were cheaper for me. No Idea was about $25 shipping 😦

    Although, If Deathwish get them, I’m on it…

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