Converge – You Fail Me and No Heroes LP represses

Posted: October 14, 2010 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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Any time a new Converge record is released it is a reason to feel good. Any time a Converge record gets repressed and thus avoid paying through the nose on eBay for OG copies, it’s a fuckin’ party!

Deathwish Inc. has started shipping the represses of Converge‘s You Fail Me and No Heroes which were announced in late September. They have arrived and they are fantastic!

For a reason or another, I did not have any of the OG pressings…I know, I know, I fail at being a Converge fanatico fantastico. But I do have the YFM with the screenprinted covers they did earlier this year…Ha!

But I digress…

You Fail Me is on black vinyl and it’s the same packaging as the OG pressing. Insert is included and all. The vinyl feels a bit hefty but I doubt it’s 180gram. Besides, there already was a 180gram black version in the OG done as a tour pressing. No need to create confusion amongst fanboys. And that’s OK. I am sure that complete pressing info from DW will be forthcoming.

No Heroes is also on black vinyl and housed in a nice full-color gatefold jacket. There’s even a download coupon for a digital copy of the album.

Overall this is a superb job done by Deathwish Inc. and Converge. A lot of people are very happy to be able to get these records once again. Here’s hoping that other Converge albums will get repressed so that more fans can continue to enjoy the music affordably.

  1. Nick says:

    The tour press of YFM is 180 gram. It would be a bit of a bummer if they repressed it exactly the same.

  2. Nick_J says:

    I love that YFM with the silkscreened jacket. The record is bad ass too.

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