How To Destroy Angels – Self-Titled 10” EP

Posted: October 13, 2010 by Juan D. in Record Nerds
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Last year, when Nine Inch Nails head honcho Trent Reznor announced that the group would no longer be touring, it left a lot of people in doubt that any new music would be made by him. He put fans at ease when he clarified that he was only putting NIN to rest as far as touring went but would still be making new music and also delve into other endeavors.

Those other endeavors came to fruition in the form of How To Destroy Angels, the new group he formed with wife Mariqueen Maandig and long-time producing partner Atticus Ross. In typical Reznor fashion, the first offering from the group was available as a free download, a physical CD, and eventually (at the time of release) in vinyl format. Well, being that we are a vinyl-ish blog, it’s only sensical to write about the vinyl release which finally was available for ordering about a month or so ago.

The HTDA 10” is the perfect format for the EP due to is length (6 songs). The songs have been around for some time now and those who have listened already know. The packaging of the 10” itself is simple and worth the price…at least in my opinion.

The full-color jackets and sleeve artwork and design were done by Mark Weaver and Rob Sheridan. The vinyl itself is noted on the group’s e-store to be 100gram and it feels as such. A bit flimsy. Not to mention that it slides into the inner sleeve rather tight making it possible to scuff the record when pulling it out to play or when putting it back in to store it. If I had any paper sleeves, I’d put the vinyl in one of them instead to also avoid any split seams on the colored/graphic sleeve. But that’s just the OCD in me.

The exact pressing info is not known at this time. But does it really matter? What is most important is the music. And it is good. Trust me on this.

Overall, the packaging and presentation for the EP is simple. Some may say lacking. Prior Reznor-related releases on vinyl have been elaborate and modest. The reason this debut EP is simple is probably likely to allow the music to speak for itself. But fear not, Reznor did say in a fan Q&A that the when HTDA record and release a proper full-length, it will be released in a more elaborate and fancier packaging. It is understandable that fans are clamoring for something extravagant after the Ghosts I-IV Ultra Deluxe edition released in 2008 and the long-discussed reissue of The Fragile. I know I am eager to see what else is done down the road.

So, if you were on the fence on getting this and now sold after reading this awesome post, head over to the Null Corp. site to order. Do it. Do it.

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