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Album – Death Is Silent

Artist – Kno

Purchased From – Underground Hip

We don’t usually do CD’s on here but since this is a music blog we have to make exceptions for shit like this. Wow……It’s not very often you can make a jaded music freak like me step back and be this blown away. It’s even stranger that it’s someone thats been around as long Kno.

For those unfamiliar, Kno is the producer extraordinaire from the rap group Cunninlynguists. He use to rap, then a couple albums ago he took a back seat and spent almost all of his time working the beats. Now he’s back with a solo effort that he does a bit of rapping on.  I love all of Cunninlynguists records but this solo effort is something way different. It’s like if you think DARK RAP but don’t let your mind go to Necro and Cage, then think something futuristic that’s never been done before. Think that and then it’s going to be a few steps more progressive and genius than that. It takes a lot for me to be this level of impressed but damn this is pure art. I can’t wait for a few weeks to pass and see if this feeling wears off. Sometimes records this wild lose their luster a little quicker than others but this is so groundbreaking I doubt it will. The beats on here are seriously next level. Great sampling and for the most part really laid back. The fact that a rapper can produce this kind of quality and not even be on a big indie label is mind boggling to me. The label in question is the fantastic QN5 Records. Kno does the same thing he’s done on the last couple Cunninlynguists records which is have the full album then all the beats as bonus tracks. Go out and get this if you like rap. Here’s a link to a track.


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