Posted: October 8, 2010 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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Album – Australasia

Artist – Pelican

Purchased From – No clue where this came from (maybe Hydrahead)

This is one of the cooler albums I own in terms of the packaging and the vinyl. The thing is hand printed, hand numbered and hand embossed. It says on the jacket that it’s 1 of 1000 but there is no fucking way they hand printed 1000 of these things. If so, they got more time than they have sense. The records are pretty bad ass too. It is a split label release between Interloper and Hydrahead Records. I’m pretty sure Interloper did all the work here. From my peaking around, I believe this to be the 4th pressing of this album. I’d almost like to have the 1st pressing too just because I love the original jacket but it’s hard to beat a jacket like this one.

I bought the first Pelican record when it came out but this is the one that made me a believer. I fell in love with Pelican when I heard this for the first time and now I probably listen to Pelican more than any other metal band. They haven’t put out anything but classic albums in my opinion.

You can click the picture’s to get a full size, hi-res view if you want..

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  2. Maciek says:

    The funny thing about that record is that first vinyl is heavy (~180g) while the second is lightweight (~150g?). Pretty astonishing or is that only my copy?
    Great site, by the way!

  3. jeremiah says:

    this pressing is beautiful…much cooler than the first pressing/original album art. Pelican vinyl is a brutal hobby…haha.

  4. Nick_J says:

    I’ve never compared the two. Are you talking about this pressing? I have to look when I get home.

  5. Maciek says:

    Exactly that pressing, Nick. Check it as it is the only such case in my collection and it really differs, you can say it when you grab both in your hands.
    “Pelican vinyl is a brutal hobby…haha” – that is true, damn, my wife will kill me one day she discovers how many “the same records” I have 😉

  6. Nick_J says:

    I looked and both of my copies seem to be the same which appears to not be 180g.

  7. Maciek says:

    Heh, so when we sum up our records, we have the same weight, right? 😉
    It seems that my copy is the special one to be sold at eBay for gazziliard dollars 😉

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