Reign Supreme

Posted: October 7, 2010 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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Album – American Violence

Artist – Reign Supreme

Purchased From – eBay

I haven’t been buying a lot of records at all lately but I do still occasionally browse eBay when I’ve got some spare time at work for the hell of it. Last week, I came across a copy of Pelican’s ‘Pink Mammoth’ 10″ for crazy cheap. While watching/bidding on that one I decided to grab this 7″ because it was really cheap, I dig Reign Supreme and until now I didn’t own any of their stuff on vinyl.

I ended up getting this for $1.75, got that copy of ‘Pink Mammoth‘ too (writeup coming soon.) The two records combined with shipping? $9.09. I might not be buying a lot of records lately but, hell, I can totally get behind that kind of deal.

This is on clear red vinyl with a total of 1,000 pressed for that variant.


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