Bad Religion

Posted: October 4, 2010 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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Album – The Dissent Of Man
Artist – Bad Religion
Purchased From – Bad Religion web store

Bad Religion is one of those fundamental bands to my punk rock universe. As a kid, they were a band that completely changed the way I saw music. What they did for me is something I look for in music still to this day. Bands like Boy Sets Fire, Endeavor, Born Against, ect. seemed to carry on this same tradition of politics in punk and I love them for it. I wish more bands would do it now and it’s kind of pathetic that more bands don’t

If I count correctly, this is Bad Religion’s 15th studio album. The band carries on the tradition of exploring new realms musically like they have on every new album. This record has plenty of what you would expect from Bad Religion but it also has some new melodic styles that give you something else to chew on. One great example is the song “Turn your back one me” which I will post at the end of this entry…amazing song and fantastic melody.  I really like this record, even though some of the songs are so so. The good thing is that if there is a mediocre song it will be immediately followed up by something that just stands out as awesome.

One of my best friends died this year and his favorite band was Bad Religion. I remember us discovering them when we were in Jr high and going nuts.  I’d give anything if he could have heard this album and we could have talked about it. I’m sure it would have been something along the lines of how we would have hated it when we were kids but how as older people we could understand everything the band was doing. I don’t know if that is less punk or more punk or we shouldn’t give a fuck but Bad Religion is still an amazing band.

  1. Eressea says:

    Nice! I’ve been looking at this album at my workplace and have been meaning to listen to it.

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