The first time I even heard of Coheed and Cambria was around early ’02…Not too sure though. All I recall was that they were opening for Shai Hulud on a tour also with From Autumn To Ashes. This line-up was a bit oddball. Here there were mostly these hardcore/metalcore bands and then the one band that did not sound like anything even close in that style. After seeing Co&Ca on that tour I wrote them off. Their music did not suit my taste at the time…I was knee-deep into hardcore and metal and practically shunning any other bands that did not feel aggressive enough musically. It wasn’t until late 2002 that I gave them another shot when a few friends kept telling me that I should and that I wouldn’t regret it.

I sure did, and was able to wrap my mind around their music and as I learned more of the concept behind their first album, The Second Stage Turbine Blade, I got more and more curious and able to appreciate it. Not to mention that Dr. Know of the Bad Brains played guitar on one of their songs, “Time Consumer”. After giving them that second shot, I was hooked and from that point on, I became a fan.

Even though the band was signed to Equal Vision Records, the actual vinyl was released by Defiance Records of Germany. At the time, it seems that EVR was licensing a lot of their vinyl releases to other labels.

The Second Stage Turbine Blade was pressed on only black vinyl and a run totaling 500 as far as it is known.

The band next released In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 in 2003 still with Equal Vision. The vinyl release was done by EVR this time in a multitude of colors on a total press run of 1,400.

Clear – 300 pressed

Blue A/B Grey C/D – 300 pressed

Orange A/B White C/D – 400 pressed

Black – 400 pressed (no picture)

Even though it was released as a 2xLP, it was housed in a single-vinyl jacket. It would have been nice to have seen it in a proper gatefold jacket given not only the 2xLP format but also to make better use of the minimalistic artwork.

After the release of IKSSE:3, it was a matter of time that major label started courting the band. And sure enough the band signed with Columbia Records and in 2005, Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness. Unfortunately, this album did not get the vinyl treatment. It was odd as all subsequent albums with Columbia have been released on vinyl. Who knows why they opted to not make it on vinyl. It would have been great to see the art and packaging expanded to the much-larger vinyl size.

Their next album for Columbia, Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow, was released in 2007 and did see the vinyl treatment. As with most major-label vinyl releases, this was done on black color but on 180gram vinyl. Gatefold jacket was done to better present the artwork, even though it’s very comic-book-ish. But I guess that’s fitting given the nature of the concepts and themes behind the story of Coheed and Cambria.

Black – Unknown number pressed on 180gram. The D-side is etched with the Keywork symbol and the album title.

Coheed and Cambria’s last and most recent album to be released was Year of the Black Rainbow on 2009. Done in black 180gram vinyl again with a gatefold jacket, the release also presented the artwork in a larger format. Musically, the band revisited their sound from SSTB and IKSSE:3 while still moving forward in their writing and style.

There are plenty of other vinyl releases from the band in single 7”s and 10”s as well but that may be for another entry…or not since I don’t have them all. It has long been rumored of a box set reissuing all of the band’s LP releases, especially given the exorbitant prices in the aftermarket (eBay) and the rising popularity the band has seen. If the rumor is true, and the band is involved in the production process of it, the box set should be mind-blowing to have. Only time will tell I suppose.

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  2. Aaron says:

    Sell me your Second Stage vinyl

  3. Hubert Cumberdale says:

    Thats impressive.

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  5. Adam says:

    Yeh but now that vinyl is everywhere you cant find anything but the second lp and they are too busy touring to care if anyone wants to actually own their lps!
    TO bad would love these on vinyl but not paying stupid collectors prices, not worth 300 for any of them they are just records.

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