Download – Suburban Home Mix Tape Volume 6

Posted: October 2, 2010 by They Still Press Vinyl in Uncategorized

via Vinyl Collective;

Download Mix Tape Volume 6 by Clicking HERE

Originally inspired by a documentary about Hip Hop Mix Tape culture, I started putting together mix tapes inspired by my artists. With the release of “Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should”, I have now put together 6 Mix Tapes (some have been put out with the help of others). This mix tape was inspired by the music of Two Cow Garage. Not only are there a bunch of bands that I absolutely love, I opened up track suggestions to fans of Suburban Home/Two Cow Garage and got about 50 song suggestions. Considering I needed to keep the running time for the mix tape under 80 minutes, I couldn’t use all the suggested songs (I am very sorry about the songs that were not picked). I originally intended to pick 5 songs, but I got so many great songs, I chose 8. The resulting 24 song mix has a great mix of Rock, Americana, Punk, and Alt-Country. I really hope you like it.

I originally sent out a link through Yousendit (with previous mix tapes), but moving forward, I will start offering the mix tape downloads in my VC/SH limited pressing store. Please tell everyone to visit the store, get the mix tape, and if they like what they hear, pick up some of our other releases.

This is the digital version of the mix tape. If you pre-order Two Cow Garage’s “Sweet Saint Me” on vinyl, CD, or as a deluxe set, you will get at least 1 copy of the mix tape on CD w/ a booklet featuring an interview with Two Cow Garage.

If you suggested a track that was used, the comments in the Itunes mp3 info for the track recognizes your contribution. You will also get a shout out when the physical CD booklet is printed. Thanks everyone who suggested tracks.

While I will let you download the mix to see the full track listing, I will say that I included tracks by Suburban Home artists Micah Schnabel, Yesterday’s Ring, Drag the River, Armchair Martian, The Gamits, Tim Barry, I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House, and one track on the mix is from Suburban Home’s newest artist which will be announced soon.

The artwork for Mix Tape Volume 6 is being handled by Luke Andrews.


While rushing to deal with computer and internet problems while putting the finishing touches on Mix Tape 6, I neglected to properly double check the track listing. Because of problems with metatagging, the following mistakes occured:

  1. Track 3 was omitted, Micah Schnabel “American Static” , to remedy this, you can download the track at this link MicahSchnabel_American Static_ and just add it to the track listing of the Mix.
  2. I mistakenly tagged 2 tracks as Track 12, the true Track 12 is Tim Barry’s “Avoiding Catatonic Surrender” and the true track 13 should be Gaslight Anthem’s “Orphans”

I am very sorry about these mistakes. I am currently uploading the corrected mix to the good folks at Limited Pressing with hopes they can replace the current zip file that is being downloaded.

And some of you have asked for a hi-res cover of the mix tape. You can download that here.

Thanks everyone for downloading the mix and checking out the latest from Two Cow Garage.


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