Hot Water Music

Posted: September 20, 2010 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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Album – Live Volume 3

Artist – Hot Water Music

Purchased From – No Idea Records e-store

The third (and I believe final) (:EDITORS NOTE: – Correction, it appears there will be at least a 4th installment…and possibly a 5th and 6th… according to the Vinyl Collective message board. Trying to 100% confirm, stay tuned) installment in No Idea series of Live Hot Water Music 7 inch releases I am exceptionally happy to have this one because it means that for the second time in a month I’ve managed to complete a collection. Earlier, as we’ve documented, I managed to complete the Converge “On My Shield” 7 inch releases and now I have this. I’m thinking I’ll post up a piece for my Hot Water Music collection (2nd only to my Blacklisted collection) sometime this week if I can motivate myself to take the necessary photos.

This particular volume of the series is my favorite because it has my all time favorite HWM song featured on it (‘Our Own Way’)

As with the other 2 releases there were only 1000 of these pressed. It features a die cut black cover (with the classic HWM Flame logo) and color accents that match the vinyl itself. In this case – clear yellow.


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