Posted: September 13, 2010 by Nick_J in Record Nerds
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Album – Saturn in Crosshairs 7″  and Picker 7″

Artist – Rumbleseat

Bought From – Lumberjack Distribution

I got these bad boys when they were released from Lumberjack distro back in the day. I tried to get all of the Rumbleseat 7″s when they came out but they were sold out in super fast time. Both of the records are first  pressings of  1099 on root beer colored vinyl. I was a massive Hot Water Music fan when these came out so I was all over trying to score these records. All four of the songs on these two 7″s are frickin awesome. What was insane was the waiting between the release of these records and the CD with all the collected songs from the five or so 7″s. Well worth it though, these are fantastic punk-folk songs.

Saturn in Crosshairs/Cursing Concrete



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