Friday Afternoon Link and Info Dump

Posted: September 10, 2010 by They Still Press Vinyl in Uncategorized
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Bands to check out, info to know, albums to remember to order…if it’s worth talking about we’ll dump it right here.

Band recommendation – WHORES My friend Bob did some studio work with these guys recently and he recommended them to me.  The drummer from Artimus Pyledriver is in this band so that should give you an idea of what they’re doing here. Think of a slightly less heavy, self titled record era Torche mixed with some Artimus Pyledriver and you’re on the right path.

No Idea Newsletter – Just in case you don’t subscribe to their email newsletter here’s the latest from the Gainsville crew;

We are now proudly giving our good friends at Razorcake Records a hand with distribution… we’re super excited to be involved! A complete list of releases (so far!) is included below.

More new stuff this time around: SAMIAM “Orphan Works” 2xLP/CD from No Idea (**CD is shipping now! 2xLP coming within 2 weeks!), WHISKEY & Co. “Rust Colors” LP/CD (**Pre-order now!) a MEAN JEANS / WHITE WIRES split 7″ from Dirtnap, SCREAMING FEMALES “Castle Talk” LP/CD & a long-lost HAMILTONS 7″ from Don Giovanni, BE MY DOPPELGANGER “No Composure” LP/CD from It’s Alive, the PINE HILL HAINTS “Black Casket” 7″ from Razorcake Records, VRGNS “Manimals” LP, VRGNS limited 7″, and a FELLOW PROJECT / GO SELL DRUGS split 7″ from Kiss Of Death, STEPHEN EGERTON “7 Degrees” LP from Paper + Plastick, and a whole bunch of back-in-stock records like LIFETIME, HOT WATER MUSIC, A WILHELM SCREAM, & CHEAP GIRLS!

Tons of bands are on tour right now, or about to embark, including YOUNG LIVERS & AGAINST ME!, BRIDGE AND TUNNEL, LEATHERFACE, THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, SAMIAM, DEFIANCE, OHIO, NO FRIENDS, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS, & THE MEASURE (sa)… you can check out the dates here!

If you’d like to place an order, just head on over to

Two Cow Garage announce new album, digital single – I’m big fan of the twang this Columbus, Ohio outfit is putting out. So, news of a new album has me a might bit excited. You can read all about it over at Vinyl Collective. If you’re not familiar with the sounds of TCG you can hit up their Myspace.

Trap Them enter God City – If you’re a fan of heavy/extreme music and you’re not hip to Trap Them, well, fix that problem. They are one of the absolute best in the world at what they do. They’ve entered Kurt Ballous’ mythic God City Studio to start work on their debut release for Prosthetic Records and they’re documenting the process via ‘We Craft Darkness’, a blog they’ve started. So if you want to keep tabs on the progress of the record I highly recommend you bookmark it, add it to your Google Reader, whatever.

  1. Nick says:

    I can’t wait till the Samiam vinyl is ready.
    I love the era that the songs are from.

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