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Posted: September 9, 2010 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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Periodically, as note worthy or worthwhile releases go ‘up’ we will do one of these posts. So, if you’re looking for some records to buy, here’s a collection of links to albums that we’d recommend (and, hell, we might buy them when we’re not broke) that are about to release, have just released, or are still in the pre-order stage.

:Torche – Songs For Singles 12″
People round these parts LOVE the mighty Torche. Hell, every one of us has at least 1 copy of this record on pre-order. The pre-order originally launched with 5 colors (including a crazy limited – something like /100 – teal variant) the only one left at this point is plain ol black. But who cares? It’s Torche and it’ll probably be the best album released this year. You’re a fool if you don’t get on this right now!

:Horror Show – Notes From The Night That Never Ended 12″
We love Deathwish Inc around here so it’s no surprise we’d include something of theirs in this. Now I can’t speak for everybody here but I’ve always dug Horror Show. Of course, as soon as I’m not broke I’m totally going to buy this myself. So why don’t you go ahead and buy it in the meantime and I can psychically live vicariously through you.

:Conan O’Brien – And They Call Me Mad 7″
:Conan O’Brien – Live At Third Man 12″

:The Ranconteurs – Broken Boy Soldier (re-release) 12″
We’ve already covered the CoCo 7″ so you know what’s going on there, but there’s also a couple other releases over at Third Man that are just aching to make their way to your turn table. What are you waiting for?

:Eddie Vedder – Better Days 7″
It’s limited edition and it’s individually numbered so you better hop on it, it’s not like Eddie’s band is lacking obsessive fans who will hop all over this. I almost didn’t want to include this because of it’s affiliation with the latest Julia Roberts estrogen-fest, but I love Pearl Jam (and by extension Eddie) too much to not mention it.

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