The Marked Men, Mean Jeans, The White Wires

Posted: September 8, 2010 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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Album – Fix My Brain

Artist – The Marked Men

Purchased from Dirtnap records

This is pretty much the record that got me re-hooked on punk records. This album does huge things in its measly punk packaging. “Fix my Brain” may be one of the best punk records I’ve ever heard, and that is a bold statement considering I’ve been buying punk records for over 20 years. “Fix my Brain” is the perfect mix of coarse pop punk blended with fuzzy garage punk and post punk vibes. Discovering Marked Men was a very important moment for me because it started changing my habits back to looking at bands that were way under the radar.  This is the Dirtnap records pressing of this album. The first press was done by the awesome Swami Records. Clear vinyl on this pressing and Dirtnap also does download codes for all their stuff.

Album – Split

Artist – The Mean Jeans / The White Wires

Purchased fromDirtnap records

These two bands are the shit. The Mean Jeans especially are mind blowing to me. I’m pretty much trying to get all releases by these two bands. It will probably be a bitch to get the first two Mean Jeans 7”s cause they are way out of print. If you’re looking for punk rock records that make you feel like you did when you first discovered punk you need these two bands and their genius records. I love this record so much because it reminds me of buying splits when I was a kid. It was always such a charge to get two killer songs from two killer bands at once. Bands like the ones that Dirtnap records puts out have completely renewed my faith in the viability of punk rock music as an art form.



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