White Wires, Mean Jeans and Ryan Adams

Posted: September 5, 2010 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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:Editors Note: – 3 short and quick posts about 3 different albums from Nick.

Album – Pretty Girl 7”

Artist – The White Wires

Purchased from – Trouble in Mind Records

The White Wires are an awesome Canadian garage punk band that really rocks me.

Their full length “Girly Girly Girly” blew me away last year and I got a split coming from them

and The Mean Jeans who are one of my favorite bands out now so that’s bad ass.

Album – Tears in my Beers 7”

Artist – The Mean Jeans

Purchased from – Trouble in Mind Records

The Mean Jeans are one of my favorite bands out right now.

If you don’t have their full length “Are you serious?” you are missing out on one of the best records of the last couple years. Full on Ramones styled punk and tons of party lyrics. This 7”s A side “Tears in my Beers” may be their best song yet. The B side is “Cool 2 Drive” which is fantastic too. Brilliant band!

:EDITORS NOTE: – The picture on the last 2 look exactly alike but, I promise, that is in fact 2 different pictures of 2 different records

Album – 29

Artist – Ryan Adams

Purchased from – ebay

Ryan Adams is incredible….period. A lot of people trashed this record but it has some of his best work on it.

“Carolina rain’ is without question one of Ryan Adams best songs. I totally love the depressing “Nightbirds” and “Blue sky blues”.

I wasn’t really blown away with this when it first came out but it’s actually quite brilliant. I got it on 180g vinyl for dirt cheap too.


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