Most Secret Method & The Dusters

Posted: September 5, 2010 by They Still Press Vinyl in Record Nerds
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Artist: The Most Secret Method/The Dusters

Album: Split 10″

Purchased from: eBay

Growing up, my favorite band was the local band Lincoln. They were, and remain to this day, the best band I ever saw play. Their original bass player was a girl named Johanna Claasen. I learned in 1997 that she had a new band called The Most Secret Method so I quikly bought their 7”.

They were prototypical 90’s DC indie rock and quickly became one of my favorite bands. I have their two full lengths and the first 7” but I was never able to get my hands on the split 10” with The Dusters till today.

This record has great art by drummer Ryan Nelson who went on to play some with another great band, Beauty Pill. I always like The Dusters but wasn’t nearly as impressed by them as I was with The Most Secret Method.



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